Public & Young People’s Virtual Genomics Café | Thursday 29th February 2024 | 5:00 – 6:00pm | Zoom

Are you a person interested in finding out more about genomics and health, or affected by a rare or genetic condition? Join us! February’s café is a Special Rare Disease Day event and open to both the public and young people. It will feature relaxed talks including:

Sports Genomics – Can we predict the ‘perfect’ athlete and what should we tell them? Dr Shane M Heffernan, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Physiology and Nutrition, Swansea University

Insights from Talent Transition Athlete with a Rare Condition Tyler Mclleland, Boccia UK & World Boccia Youth Championship

..and more!

All welcome – FREE to attend

Register for the Virtual Café here: https://rb.gy/vbj7ge/