NGS Services

The WGP Genomic Facility laboratory is located within the Sir Geraint Evans Building, Heath Park site, and utilises access to NGS equipment within Cardiff University and the NHS All Wales Genomics Service (AWMGS). Our wet lab staff has decades of experience having witnessed the shift from “first” to “next” generation sequencing and the implementation of the latter with its applications to human and cancer genetics.

High-throughput (next generation) DNA and RNA sequencing is routinely utilised in modern genetic and biomedical research, for a range of applications. Wales Gene Park offers a flexible, bespoke approach to support researchers access high-throughput sequencing technology for biomedical research in Wales.  We work with academic and non-academic colleagues, providing expert advice and support from project design through to tertiary analysis, to suit the needs of the research project. We work to ensure access to these technologies is at a reasonable cost to encourage effective uptake of this fundamental technology.

Unsure about the best way to proceed? Contact our lab staff to find the workflow tailored to your research goals

NGS Library Preparation

Our staff can provide continous support and assistance at all steps of the genomics pipeline, including DNA extractions, DNA/RNA library prepaprations, library QC, Illumina sequencing and NGS data QC. Here’s some of the workflows that our staff routinely employs for NGS library preparation:

  • HaloPlex HS Target Enrichment System (Agilent Technologies)
  • Illumina DNA PCR-Free Library Prep, Tagmentation (Illumina)
  • Illumina DNA Prep Guide (Illumina)
  • TruSeq Exome Library Prep (Illumina)
  • TruSeq Methyl Capture EPIC Library Prep (Illumina)
  • NEBNext Ultra II DNA Library Prep kit for Illumina (BioLabs)
  • Nextera DNA Sample Preparation (Illumina)
  • Nextera Rapid Capture Enrichment (Illumina)
  • MicrobExpress Kit (Life Technologies)
  • TruSeq Stranded Total RNA (Illumina)
  • NEBNext Single Cell/Low Input RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (BioLabs)
  • NEBNext Globin & rRNA Depletion Kit (BioLabs)
  • NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina (BioLabs)
  • TruSeq Stranded mRNA Sample Preparation (Illumina)
  • NEBNext Multiplex Small RNA Library Prep Set for Illumina (BioLabs)
  • TruSeq Small RNA Library Prep (Illumina)
  • TruSeq ChIP Sample Preparation (Illumina)
Wales Gene Park pre-PCR lab in the Sir Geraint Evans Building, Heath.
Wales Gene Park post-PCR lab in the Sir Geraint Evans Building, Heath.

Illumina Sequencing platforms

  • MiSeq
  • NextSeq 550
  • NovaSeq 6000

Illumina NovaSeq 6000, NextSeq 550 and MiSeq at Cardiff University Hospital site.

Other services available at Wales Gene Park:

  • Covaris – Ultrasonicator (DNA/RNA mechanical fragmentation)
  • Qubit (DNA/RNA accurate quantification for NGS)
  • TapeStation (Library characterisation, DNA/RNA HS and Standard kit)
  • BioAnalyser (Library characterisation)

Unsure about the best way to proceed? Contact our lab staff to find the workflow tailored to your research goals

  • Shelley Rundle – Lab Manager
  • Dr. Vikki Humpherys – Research Technician
  • Dr. Giulia Trauzzi – Senior Technician