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Oxford Nanopore Technologies comes to Wales Gene Park!

We are pleased to announce that, after acquiring the sequencer early this summer, last week our wet lab successfully prepared and sequenced the lambda control genome on the PromethION P2 Solo, making long read sequencing with Oxoford Nanopore Technologies a reality at Wales Gene Park.

Library preparation step with Oxford Nanopore/NEBNext kits for the Lambda Control run in WGP pre-PCR lab.

Our flow cell check showed the presence of 6848 pores and started running with a 93.3% pore occupancy. Here are some of the metrics of our run after 65 hours and one nuclease flush:

  • 5.1 M reads
  • N50 32.5 Kb
  • 99.99 % basecalled reads
  • Total data produced 985.8 Gb
Live view of MinKNOW pores activity for the Lambda Control run in WGP post-PCR lab.

All the PromethION specs can be found here.

At Wales Gene Park, we are looking forward to provide Nanopore sequencing services for cancer research in Wales in the future.

Please, get in touch at to know more about the PromethION P2 Solo and its applications to cancer research.