For Researchers and Biotechnology Companies

Exploiting NHS Genomic Data

A partnership with the All Wales Medical Genetics Service and Genomics Partnership Wales is working to develop research projects using NHS clinical genomic data.

Data Integration

Wales Gene Park staff in Swansea are working to integrate clinical and genomic data within the SAIL database.

Machine Learning and AI

Learn how our foray into applying machine learning and AI techniques to genomics dataset is advancing research.

Research Ethics and Project Support

Gaining ethical approval and then recruiting and consenting patients is vital for research. Our research co-ordinator may be able to help.

Advanced Computing Resources

Working with Supercompuing Wales, learn about our dedicated genomics computing infrastructure available to researchers.

Engagement Opportunities, Events and Professionals’ Network

Find out more about our engagement opportunities and events for researchers and join our network of genomics professionals here in Wales.

Patient and Public Involvement in Research

Learn how we can facilitate and support Patient and Public Involvement in Research.

Rare Disease Research Gateway

Learn about research projects for patients in Wales and how you can become involved in helping research.

Events Calendar

View our calendar for events specifically for researchers.