Events for the Public

Wales Gene Park organises and delivers a busy and varied programme of public events throughout Wales which are aimed at enhancing understanding of, and promoting engagement with, genetics and genomics amongst all members of society. These include:

  • Genetics & Genomics for the 3rd Generation (‘3G’) Public Conference

This popular, free event takes place in north and south Wales annually and is open to members of the public with an interest in DNA, genetics, genomics and associated topics. The conference is specifically aimed at the over 50 age group but open to anyone to attend. Attendees enjoy talks on cutting-edge subjects and interactive stands showcasing research and other projects throughout Wales.

Public Genetics & Genomics Conference
  • Community Group Talks

Wales Gene Park delivers free talks to community groups throughout Wales which include Rotary Clubs, Women’s Institute (WI) groups, NHS Retirement Fellowships, Probus, Soroptimists, University of the Third Age (U3A) and community library groups.

Talks cover a range of DNA and genetics/genomics-related topics – examples include genetics and genomics in everyday life, conservation and biodiversity, DNA fingerprinting, advances in genomics, stem cells, and personalised medicine. However, genetics/genomics is a rapidly changing areas and the range of talks are developed to keep up with new advances.

Community Group Talk

If you would like further information or to request an event for your group, please get in touch.

  • Public Talks and Lectures

Wales Gene Park’s public talks and lectures, which are organised throughout the year, are aimed at engaging with a lay audience about topical genetics and genomics-related issues. Attendees are varied and range from Sixth Form students through to retired members of the public. Previous topics have included Over-the-Counter Genetic Testing, the 100,000 Genomes Project, Rare Cancers, Unravelling the Helix, Mental Health and Genetics, and Prostate Cancer and You.

Public Lecture

To suggest a topic for a public talk, please get in touch.

  • Other events

Wales Gene Park also organises and delivers other one-off events such as film screenings and participates in additional engagement activities such as public science festivals and events.