Events for Schools and Colleges

Wales Gene Park delivers a varied programme of educational events for Schools and Colleges throughout Wales and bordering counties, aimed at supporting genetics and genomics secondary education and raising awareness of relevant careers. These include:

  • Sixth Form Conferences

The Sixth Form Conference is a well-established event held in south and north Wales biennially, providing year 12/13 students with the opportunity to hear talks from expert speakers on the latest advances in genetics and genomics in a conference environment. The events also include a range of stands and exhibitions showcasing research and projects from across Wales as well as careers-related information.

Sixth Form Conference
    • Genetics/Genomics Roadshows

    Held every two years, the Schools’ Roadshow offers free DNA and genetics/genomics-related talks to year 12/13 students in their school or college. At each roadshow two to three experts talk on topics such as:  Inherited disorders; Genetic counselling; Genomics; Stem cells; Personalised Medicine; Biodiversity; Forensic Science Genetic Engineering Next Generation Sequencing; Genetic testing; Cancer genetics. Students also have the opportunity to ask questions and talk to the speakers.

    As well as enhancing the content covered by their syllabus, the roadshows aim to give students an insight into the latest research and advances in the fast-moving field of genetics and genomics, offer information on related courses and careers, and can provide material for university interviews.

    Schools’ Genetics Roadshow
    • Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events

    Genetics & Genomics CPD workshops and events for biology teachers are run in collaboration with Techniquest, funded by STEM Learning, and hosted by Higher Education Institutions in Wales. They provide an opportunity for secondary educators to learn more and about the latest advances in the fast-moving field of genetics and genomics and take this back to the classroom.

    The events include a series of talks from expert speakers on subjects relevant to the WJEC AS/A-level biology curriculum (examples of topics include The 100,000 Genomes Project, epigenetics, pathogen genomics, DNA fingerprinting), hands-on sessions and tours of university science facilities.

    Teachers’ Genetics CPD event

    Wales Gene Park also organises other one-off events for schools such as film screenings and participates in additional engagement activities such as careers events and science festivals.

    Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this programme of events.