Advanced Computing Resources

High Performance Computing is an essential partner to any high throughput genomics and bioinformatics research. Working with our colleagues in the Universities Advanced Research Computing (ARCCA) department and with Supercomputing Wales, Wales Gene Park has dedicated compute and storage solutions for use by it’s staff, and the researchers collaborating with us.

We have a dedicated compute partition on the Supercomputing Wales Hawk system based in Cardiff. These nodes are available to users of the hawk system who are undertaking genetics and genomics based research.

  • Number of nodes: 12
  • Cores on each node: 24
  • Memory on each node: 256Gb
WGP compute resources are integrated into the Universities supercomputing facility.

Data Storage

We currently have over 1.5 petabytes of disk based storage which is housed in the universities data centres and managed on our behalf by expert colleagues in ARCCA (Advanced Research Computing at Cardiff) utilising the same technologies as the University’s RDS (Research Data Store).

Our storage is used by a variety of researchers and groups across the Division of Cancer and Genetics and within the wider Biological and Life Science College at Cardiff University.

To talk about accessing these resources please contact Caroline Ready (